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Cannot get virtual backgrounds set up. It's enabled but cannot find area to add backgrounds.


When watching the video, it says to go to the top right of the screen and click on photo and it should take you to settings. I don't get that. I am on a basic plan and it just says PLANS AND PRICING and SIGN OUT. On the LHS of the screen I can go into MEETINGS, ADVANCED and check the VIRTUAL BACKGROUNDS and the tab is enabled.


Again on the LHS I can go into ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT, but no settings option comes up. Just ACCOUNT PROFILE, BILLING, REPORTS.  In the written help, it says to log out and log back in as an administrator. How do I do that? My profile just calls me OWNER. But apparently you need to be a administrator to do the settings correctly. I remember when I first went onto Zoom I had access, and the 2nd time I went into Zoom, I didn't. I am going around in circles. Please help. I know the free basic plan does have access to backgrounds because I have a friend who does use one, but she has no idea what is wrong in my situation.