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Breakout rooms from iPad Pro


I use an iPad Pro as my main device - I do not have a desktop PC. I have a business account and have waited patiently for 2-3 years for Zoom to sort out compatibility issues so that I can use breakout rooms… It hasn’t happened yet! Please can you tell me…

- When do you plan to make breakout rooms available for iPad users?

- If you have no plans to do this, can you explain why? And also…

- Please let me know how I can seek a discount or refund of part of my subscription?  It seems unreasonable for you to charge full rates for users who are only getting limited functionality.


And for other community members, is anyone aware of any workarounds, please?



Yes this is ridiculous.. i just bought an iPad Pro and was staggered to find that breakout rooms weren’t available.. can we get a response?