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sms texting set up


New to zoom, and as I'm sure you are aware the admin panel is super confusing and the menus are cluttered.  I went to support articles and figured out how to change policy and enable sms (not so obvious).  I can't send or receive texts and so I believe it might be at the user level, but the support topics I read don't seem to match up to the menu choices, so I have no idea how to enable texting for anyone. opened up a ticket, but not sure how long that will take ... thanks in advance for any help,



Community Champion



You'll first need to enable SMS for the account under Phone System Management > Company Info > Policy and then you can start to enable or disable SMS for individual users as well. This document does a great job running through the process Setting up SMS 


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I am pretty sure it is not an "instant on" option. I think at least 24-48 hours to be active and available to use.

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From what I've seen, the user may need to sign out and sign back in but if they do that, they should see the option right away.



Yss, I agree they will see the option.  Maybe it only applies to newly ported numbers?, but I recall some circumstances where you couldn't just turn it on and expect to send and receive SMS immediately.