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sharing firmware issue solution yealink


you will need to contact Yealink support directly and create a ticket. Their response time  is somewhat slow because they are located in China.



Yealink Phone T54W got stuck on "Welcome Initializing...Please Wait"



You will need the correct recovery files to resolved this issue. I was given the first set files that did not work, but I had another support assistance sent me the correct files. Apparently, there are more than several different recovery files located on the internet, all of them failed for me. I received error messages "Failed -1" or "Network Failed 3,2,1". Luckily, I was able to received the correct files. Please see attachment (screenshot) of the files I used to recover my Yealink phone. Please pay close attention to the sizes of the files.


Steps on how to recover your Yealink phone:

  1. Receive all 3 recovery files from Yealink support
  2. Format USB flash drive to FAT32 and drop the files into the USB
  3. Rename all 3 files to T54W. Example:
  • T54W.bin
  • T54W.rfs
  • T54W.rom

        4. Press Redial button on the phone then power it on. It will give you an option of what recovery mode you would like to proceed - select USB

        5. It will update the phone firmware version to

        6. Connect your phone to the internet and it will go through another firmware update using your phone Auto Provision.

Hopefully this may save a lot of time for someone else.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@UmActually , you missed the screenshot