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original CallerID info dropped/changed when transferred to queue


Hello all,

I am troubleshooting an issue where the caller ID information is dropped/changed, to the transferee, when the call is transferred  to a call queue. 

Here is the scenario, I called from my cell phone to our main office number, auto-attendant answers, I went through the prompts to reach Customer Service (this is a call queue of 3 extensions, including the receptionist, set to ring successively [CS rep1 -> CS rep2 -> Rcpt]) if the call makes it to the receptionist and they answer the call and then transfer it back to the Customer Service queue, the caller id info changes from the Caller's info to the receptionist's info.

If the receptionist transfer the call direct to an extension the caller ID remains correct.

The call logs don't seem to help with this issue.

The Customer Service reps claim this only recently started happening. The receptionist claims calls for customer service to her phone have recently become more frequent.

Any ideas?


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Hi ITGuyOhio,


I have only noticed this happening when a call comes into one queue and is transferred to another. Ie our mail line queue is answered by receptionist and receptionist forwards to a second queue (the call originated in another queu so was really a queue to queue transfer.) You should be able to discern the original call by the call logs but it takes some work. Find the inbound call to the last person and look for the outbound call going to that person. The outbound from the person doing the transfer should show the incoming caller ID that they answered.

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Hi ChrisO,

Thank You for the information, we verified that the originally Caller ID info is retained in the call logs and we have shown our customer service reps how to view their call logs to retrieve this information.

We are also reviewing Elliot's post to confirm if his solution works better for our scenario. Once we have had time to review I will mark one of these Accept as Solution. If I can mark both I will.

Thank You again for the comment.


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Community Champion | Zoom Partner


here is a link to how incoming caller id is displayed

Inbound call notifications (client and app) – Zoom Support


instead of putting your receptionist as a member of the call queue, you could have unanswered calls going as overflow to either the auto receptionist or back to the call queue.

if call queue overflow is set to:

Route to Call Queue:  or 

Route to Auto Receptionist

then the original caller id is preserved


in company info->policy->set caller id viewing preferences for redirected calls-> box to select 'show the user who last transferred the call.'   i don't think this is what you want.  i just mention it in case it has been selected. 


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