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ZoomPhone Emergency Address


As an internet business with staff that are always out in the field and travelling I find it pointless that you require an emergency home address. Surely if an emergency had to occur and you sent out first responders to this address but the person was not even there, this would be a bigger issue than say listing the fact the person travels extensively and their location changes everyday?  


I can understand this for a service aimed at a home user but not a business. Just as an aside other vendors do not require this!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

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I also saw this when I had RingCentral, prior to moving to Zoom Phone a couple of years ago.


See this Zoom Support article on "nomadic emergency services":


Of particular interest is this statement:

Limitations for nomadic emergency services

  • The Zoom mobile app doesn't use nomadic emergency services. The app always uses the phone's native carrier when making an emergency call.

You might have already seen this Support article, but just in case, it's a good reference: 

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