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Unstable Connection Causing Contact Center to Unready Agent


Hello Everyone,


We have a few users that our experiencing the "Unstable Connection" error in zoom only in the contact center causing their status to be set to not ready and missing calls from the queue. Normal zoom calls and zoom phone calls work with no issues. I have tested with the zoom network tool and the meeting and zoom tests past with minimal packet loss and latency. As far as I cant tell, the users have not experienced any other disruptions due to internet. This will happen on a wired and wireless connection. After updating zoom, drivers, and windows it still is occurring.


Wondering if anyone else has pinpointed a cause. I'd rather not swap laptops over an issue only in zoom if possible.



We have 2 agents that have this same issue re-install of Zoom has not resolved this issue and it seems to follow the user not the machine.  I am still trying to figure out how to track the occurrences in ZCC. There was a time out option offered to us from Support however the option is turned off in ZCC so that seems to not be a contributing factor.   We are still looking for direction on what we need to do to resolve this issue and in the mean time I am spending a lot of time watching the TEAMS option in the client to make sure the agents are in queue and stay there,  As I type this I find that I was booted to Not Ready 17 minutes ago and have been at my desk actively working in Zoom Chat .  The search goes no... 




As a follow up  on this issue Zoom Support advised : 


ZOOM Support update: 

1. Agent status does nto change right away when they are moved back into teh queue after being dropped? 

A} We checked this Issue with the Dev and they clarified that, By Design, Teams page has 9s delay in Updating the Agent status.
It is by design that every time when there is a change, CCI server will push the auto update to client by 9s. There is no certain time period update, so if there is no any change there will not be auto update/Refresh. The design is due to performance limitation, because every change/update, needs to be updated in all the places, not only the Agent status.
2. PC in Sleep Mode can force an Offline State … how long does it take?
Ans: When agent’s pc goes to sleep mode their status does not become offline Immediately, It only becomes offline after the Network is disconnected, and this usually happens after around 3 minutes. 
There is an option to change the duration of Agent Inactivity turning to Offline, in Preferences Page. 

 Where will I find the  “Status History” housed? ( would like to see how this is tracked for us)?
 Status History Location:

Personal →

Analytics & Reports ->

Contact Center ->

Agent Reports ->

Status History 



IF the ‘Agent Work sessions’ are Not Turned ON, The Status would not go Offline after 3 min Inactivity. But it can go Offline because of the Poor Network. If ‘Agent Work sessions’ is Enabled and the ‘Timeout’ value is set to 8 Hours, The status wouldn’t change to Offline because of Inactivity, within 8 hours. But still, Poor Network can change the status to Offline.
If we set the Timeout value to 8 Hours, this should help solve the issue.