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Understanding The Zoom Call Reports


Good day!


I'm wrapping my head around the Zoom Call Log report to understand how best to accurately filter the data for our company's needs, and I was wondering if someone could please shed some light on a few things:


1. What is the difference in the Event tab between "ring to member" and "incoming". Which means that the person took the call?


2. What does the "operator" column tell us? Is it the person who dialled? Or... I'm not sure? We've got groups set up too, but occasionally in the data I see the person's individual code rather than a group and I'm not sure why.


3. We need to filter the data to note all answered calls that were incoming rather than outgoing. What is the best way to filter the data to achieve this? I have some ideas, but I'm not 100% sure...


Any feedback or assistance in understanding this would be greatly appreciated!