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Thumbs up emoji




A thumbs up emoji has appeared on my screen twice under Zoom meetings without any of the participants touching their keyboards. Does anyone know if this means we have been hacked?





On ipads the tablet can notice gestures and then convert it to a raise hand or a thumbs up. I don't have an ipad to find exactly what it says, anyway click Zoom - Settings - Meetings and then the last two options, and turn them both off.  I think a shadow or movement will trigger the recognition thing.

Thank you so much, but we have been using laptops. Can the same happen on laptops? It seems unlikely. 


not sure. 

Community Champion


Gesture recognition is only available in iPad. I would suggest raising a support ticket to investigate further. Please provide Meeting details (MeetingID, time/date etc).


Hi,    The same thing keeps happening in a few of my meetings.  I am running the latest version of Zoom and have enabled authentication for users.  My clients are usually doing pushups or chest presses so there's no way they can press the thumbs up.  How is this happening? I am using a MacBook Pro, some of them use iPads.  I have not found anything further in the community so I was wondering if it got investigated.  

Do I need to delete the meeting and create a new one?

Did you ever get an answer to this problem?  It keeps happening to me too! 

Unfortunately, no!

I have also now seen the hand raised emoji.  We tried force cuing and gesturing but we can't make it happen on demand.

It is a little unnerving but I am not worried about it.  I would still like to know how to stop it if there is a way.

 It continues to happen on the iPad users side, never on my side.


These are the instructions from Zoom on enabling the gesture recognition on an ipad during a meeting - I'm guessing do the opposite and it should switch it off.  The setting is also avaliable under Zoom App = Settings = Meetings and the last option.


Hope that helps


Enabling gesture recognition

When in a meeting and you would like to enable the Zoom mobile app to recognize gestures:

  1. Tap the More 


  2. Tap Meeting Settings 


  3. Under the Gestures section, tap the slider next to Raise Hand and/or Thumbs Up to enable gesture recognition in the meeting.

super!  Will advise all iPad users.  thanks, Andrew2