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SMS for individuals (10DLC)


I am an individual. I do not own or run a business. I got a Zoom phone so I could talk and text and hold unlimited Zoom meetings with my family across the country. My account type is Pro (Named Host). I am the Owner and Admin.

Like all the other Zoom phone users, I received multiple emails about setting up a brand and a campaign so I can continue to use SMS.

I don't see how to set this up as an individual (not a business).

People in other threads are referring people to Setting up Zoom SMS with 10DLC Compliance for conversational messaging. That page says:

If you are currently using Zoom Phone SMS as a conversational (person-to-person) messaging tool, you can follow the guidelines below to set up your campaign. This will allow you to set up your account to work similarly to how it did before 10DLC registration was required.

Great! So I start following the instructions. The first step is to create your brand. Step 6 of creating your brand is:

In the Brand Summary page, enter the following:

  • Legal Company Name
  • DBA/Brand Name (if applicable)
  • Your Company’s Legal Form.
  • Tax Number, ID, or EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • Your Business Location Address
    • Select or enter your Country of Registration.
    • Enter your business address, city, and zip code.

There are several problems with these instructions:

  1. I am not a company and do not have a Legal Company Name.
  2. The only options for Legal Form are the following, none of which apply to an individual:
    • Private Profit
    • Public Profit
    • Non Profit
    • Government
  3. I am not going to provide my Social Security Number to Zoom.

Is there a FAQ or specific instructions for how an individual is supposed to fill this out to keep SMS working?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @eli-hu 


I will update you on this shortly