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Phones in shared group cannot make outbound calls



Our phones which are in a calling group are unable to make outbound calls but can receive calls. I have already tried the  fix below but it did not help, even after rebooting the phone twice and waiting days.

Zoom web portal > Account Management > Account settings > Zoom phone > look for "Allowed Call/SMS Locations" and disable this option.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

is your calling group what zoom phone calls a call queue?

Managing call queues – Zoom Support

does each member of the calling group have a calling plan such as us/canada unlimited?

Making and receiving calls – Zoom Support

what happens when a member tries to make an outgoing call, for example 'Sorry, we cannot complete your call. Your service plan does not support calling this destination'?


So if you take one of these extensions and take it out of the Shared Line Group, it can then make outbound calls?

As per the documentation:


  • A shared line group doesn't have a calling plan. Each member must have a calling plan assigned to them.

So removing the extension from the SLG and testing would reveal if it is a calling plan issue....