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Inbound callers experiencing "line disconnected" error


Several of my users continue to report that inbound callers keep getting an error that says that the call cannot be completed because the number is disconnected or invalid. When I look at the logs, the number does not even appear as an inbound call. The user's line works just fine (We've tested it from cell phones, etc.). Sometimes it seems like it happens when people from different area codes try to call. Zoom support can't assist because I cannot provide a log of the call since it does not show up. This has happened with several of my users over the last year or so. Is this a known issue? Do I need to have my IT group get involved?


Thanks for any help!



Not directly related, but we had an issue this week where when if one was using the Zoom Meeting's "Call Me" method of joining the call audio, if the user used their Zoom Phone number, the call would not come through and would not get logged by Zoom Phone either. In Zoom Meeting it would say the number was busy (though was not).


Turned out to be some unspecified mistake in their "security configuration" that got changed over the weekend so the calls never made it to Zoom Phone.


If nothing else, maybe you can test using the "Call Me" feature and - if can make the issue occur that way, you can then have them check their Zoom Meeting PSTN call logs on their end....