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How do you allow a user to have different outbound caller IDs?


Here's my situation: 

My Zoom version is 5.14.5. This is a long one, but please bear with me.

I work for a small conglomerate. Our phone systems are organized as follows. The order is top to bottom: 
Unique telephone number 

Main auto-receptionist
Call Queue


Members are the same in each call queue for each business, respectively. These members receive calls, then transfer calls to other users at our company. 

It is important for our businesses not to be conflated with one another. We avoid this by a). having different telephone numbers, and b). having different auto receptionists with different greetings, voicemails, etc. (e.g. "Hello, thank you for calling Company A," etc.) However, another thing we need is to allow our users, who may work for both companies, to be able to change their outbound caller IDs to either company, respectively. 

I've enabled our users to be able to change their outbound caller IDs. However, whenever they switch their outbound caller ID (see attached photo) they get "Additional Company Number, Additional Company Number, Additional Company Number, etc." This would be fine, if when they selected one of these numbers, their outbound caller ID would reflect the auto receptionist these numbers are assigned to, but they do not. Instead, their outbound caller ID is usually our parent company, which, in turn, is assigned to our main site, which is, in turn, not the business they should be IDed under. 

I've had a lengthy discussion with Zoom support on this. They told me that caller ID is generated at the site level. Create different sites, and then assign users under the sites depending on what outbound caller ID they need. 

This could work for me, but at Zoom's current version (5.14.5), users can't be a member of more than one site. I could create multiple users for employees that work for different companies, but this is not tenable because users need to remain available to take calls for either business at any time. And they can only be signed into one Zoom user at a time. 

In light of this, Zoom support has told me that my needs cannot be met by their system. 

I understand that new legislation makes it harder for systems to account for multipler caller IDs due to fraud, etc. I also understand that is reliant on the phone carrier to display correctly (i.e. the caller id might show as a 9 digit direct dial number as opposed to the name of the site). Having a 9 digit number is fine by me, it just can't show as our site name, which doesn't apply to all the businesses we run out of our site. 

Does anyone have any solutions? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Zoom_6 


Welcome to zoom community and you are right about your assessment. Currently, Outbound caller ids, users mapped to one site behave as you mentioned.

I have configured such a setup for customers in the past and yes they do see Additional Company numbers. It is a feature request which will be available in future but not committed yet. 

If you would like to share your company name, I can add you as an interested customer. 

Hope that helps

I came across this post while looking for a clarification to my (possible future) problem. But I believe @Zoom_6  situation is different than mine.


I am mostly using the Zoom desktop app in order to call my clients. I make and receive calls to 3 different states, each state has a unique local number.  So if I am calling a client in NC I need to use my NC number, and if my very next client is in SC, I need to be able to select the  number I'm calling from (in this case SC) and dial from there. So that clients see the proper number in their caller ID when I call them.


And then if 3 clients call me from 3 different states using the state-specific number, I need all of those to ring to me. 


So if I am understanding correctly, this will work the way I need it to work. If so, THANK YOU!! I need to purchase those extra phone numbers the moment I understand if this will work!