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Feature Request - ZoomPhone Salesforce Integration - Modify/Enhance UI/Theme of the SFDC CTI Window


This sounds petty, but I had reluctance to move to ZoomPhone because of the look and feel of the Salesforce / Zoomphone CTI integration. 


Our sales representatives and agents have to look at this CTI integration throughout their entire day as they are making calls and it should look streamlined, clean, and pleasing to the eye from a UI perspective. 


I admit it's come a long way already since we initially started considering ZoomPhone, but I feel additional enhancements could be made including:

  • Allow the ability to customize the CTI window with colors and/or theme
    • If this is not possible, maybe there is a way for the CTI to adapt the Salesforce Org's theme / branding so the colors can be consistent between the CTI integration and the rest of the Salesforce org
  • Right now, the CTI window is very white heavy. Additional outlining colors and formatting could be helpful to improve the look/UI of the window.
    • Look at competitor CTI integrations and you will definitely see what I mean.
  • Considering adding the Zoom logo into the CTI integration window, or even better, let us decide between the Zoom Logo and our internal logo. 

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @JSMichel_Addigy,


Similar response here to your other post... while we appreciate your suggestions here on the Zoom Community, at this time, all feature requests are managed within our submission form. We encourage you to submit this idea there, where the information will then be passed along to the relevant Zoom Phone product team for review.


Thank you! 




Thank you Alexis. Like in the other thread you posted on, I have formally submitted this as a feature request and I've linked back to this discussion. 

Great, thank you!