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Desk Phone Recommendations


We need to get new desk phones as the ones we have now are at the EOL. We just need a basic desk phone that we can use to make and receive calls, place people on hold, and transfer calls to others in our Zoom phone system. We don't need the latest and greatest, but we need something that will last as new upgrades with Zoom happen. We don't want to buy phones and then have to rebuy them a year from now due to EOL. Looking for low-cost suggestions for our nonprofit. Thanks for any and all help!



We have Yealink MP56 and a Poly CCX 400 desk phones here, I would consider a Yealink model as it was easier to get setup over the Poly. Also to consider is the Poly OBI300 which can be used to connect to standard phones, but you will have to setup/learn the key codes for the call handling functions.


Also look at Zoom's EOL policy for phones here. 

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi beccablue2,


you might consider zoom hardware as a service which provides desk phones.  you can see a description of each of the popular desk phones and the monthly cost. 

Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service | Zoom


once you know what is needed in terms of the number line keys and the screen size, you could consider buying new or used phones.  to make sure they are well supported by zoom, review zoom phone certified devices.


if you want to buy, take a look on the internet sites such as amazon and ebay.


for example, if you want a desk phone with 4 line keys and at least around 3 inch color screen, then you might consider these latest vendor desk phone versions:


poly edge e220 with 4 line keys and 2.8 inch color screen, street price about $100 new.

yealink t54w with 10 line keys and 4.3 inch color screen, street price about $170 new and $105 used.


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thanks,  eliot