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Clicking a phone number to call within SalesForce is not working


Hello all.


I have logged multiple calls with zoom and not once have they responded.

Hopefully someone can assist.


For some reason, when I click a number within SalesForce, zoom no longer opens up to dial the number.

It works fine in any bowser, but doesnt work anymore in Salesforce.


Any suggestions pelase?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi dg6,

please check to see if all the prerequisites have been satisfied.

Prerequisites for using Zoom Phone in Salesforce

please see the support articles:

Configuring Zoom Phone in Salesforce – Zoom Support

Using Zoom Phone in Salesforce – Zoom Support


thanks, eliot


Hi Eliot,


Thanks for your reply.


All of these steps are global setting to confirm if the app itself is installed. 

It is, and we have double checked and all is OK. If something was wrong then all the users would not be able to click a number in SF and make a call via zoom.

This error is local to a few users.  

What local settings can be checked please?


I have logged this with Zoom and not had a reply in months.



Can anyone help, please?


Hello, did you manage to sort this issue out? We are having the same problem. Upgraded our install package from 3.17 to 3.28 and still no luck. Grrrr


We have not resolved it yet. Zoom have not even bothered trying to help. I am manually dialing, but will soon revert to using another voice provider.  Outreach is working!


Very frustrating! We actually have outreach too so may look at that as an option instead. Just weird, one day the click-to-dial function (phone number) just greyed out and between myself and the zoom system admin, we can't understand why. Done everything!