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Can't add my phone number


It said always failed to register my phone number


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi fher,


is your number one that you have ported from another carrier such as verizon, centurylink, etc.


are you trying to add your phone number to a desk phone such as poly vvx 450 or to your zoom phone extension?


can you supply a screen shot where you get this error message?  please blur any confidential information.


thanks,  eliot

Hello it’s giving me the same error, it says to copy the text above to verify you’re not a robot and it always says failed to register your phone number try again 


A week ago I just moved from T-Mobile to Visible by Verizon and that's why I stopped having access to Cellular Data AND now I can't import my contacts.

Visible has done everything on their end to reset the Network Settings and I can talk, text, surf the web.

I just can't be on a Zoom call on WiFi OR off of WiFi.


I'm getting the same result, too, with trying to import my phone numbers.

I even verified my number in my Zoom account - same result as the screenshot above.


The CAPTCHA you see is NOT the same CAPTCHA you hear audibly when you click the speaker ICON and they definitely do NOT match the phone number you have to enter into the system.


I recently changed from T-Mobile SIM card to Visible by Verizon eSIM card.

My iPhone 11 has the capability of using either type of SIM card.