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Active call queue?


Wondering if there exists any functionality in which agents can see which calls are sitting in queue- and choose to pick up/answer any one of those calls manually.

I mean that, currently when calls are ringing through a queue, an agent has no visibility to the calls in that queue, and have to wait until the call comes back around through the agent's call queue to pick it up.

In other voip/phone systems, there usually exists a functional view of calls sitting in the queue, with the ability to pick and choose what to answer immediately without just waiting for the call to come back around.


Wanted to ask if anybody can say for certain this doesn't exist, before I look into the potential of developing this functionality internally via the api.




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @mnowicky 


You can explore Zoom phone power pack, which is an add on to your license. This will give you the Zoom Assistant to easily answer calls. Also, if you are an admin of the Call Queue, you will have the ability to view real time calls. See more details below:


With the Zoom Assistant on their desktop ( Via the Zoom phone power pack), they can see calls waiting and active calls in the Queue.
       To see the real time Queue members call status, 1. they will need a power pack add on assigned 2.  login to -> Analytics and reports -> Zoom Phone Analytics-> Call Queue Real-time Analytics ->  Call Queue -> find the call queue and you can see the members' status real time . Here are a few useful training videos :
See below, A call queue Screenshot for a CQ member under real-time analytics: (These users should be either Admin or Site Admin or CQ Admin to see / update other Members statuses, with a Power pack add-on assigned. They only see Call queues that they are a member of )


Regular members ( Non Admin ) will not be able to expand on Call queues to see other member's status.
  1. If a person misses a call it will move onto the next person depending how the queue is setup.  There are some options on how the calls are presented to the users, it can be simultaneously, sequential, round robin 

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