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Account Delegation


I Team 


I am Admin of zoom account and i want assign a user's account delegation to someone else. Please help to me



Hi @RizwanAhmed 


You can add a user to your account and make them an Admin. You can also give them Scheduling Privilege and assign them as an Alternative Host when you need to.


Scheduling Privilege and Alternative Host requires them to be licensed also.


Hope this helps.



Do you have to have a paid account to delegate a meeting to someone else?  I'm an admin on the CEO's account but have a basic profile.  I'm trying to schedule from mine and delegate the meeting to him so that he can start and run it without me being on it


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @RizwanAhmed,


Just adding to Rupert's answer, if you're looking for delegation specific to Zoom Phone, you can also assign phone users to make and receive phone calls on your behalf. You can find more information about it here: 

Hi @RizwanAhmed @Kev 


Ah, yes - I missed the fact this was posted in the Zoom Phone board. There may be an entirely different process for that, which I'm not aware of.