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zoom wont open


Zoom had been working fine for years on desktop computer then 2 weeks ago something went wrong. It will only open by clicking on "open in my browser" and then I can only get the audio. The video won't open. I uninstalled Zoom, did a restart and reinstalled it. I still have the same outcome "in the browser " only. Windows 10 shows it in a folder and there is a Zoom icon on the taskbar. But Zoom will not open. When I click on the folder or icon I get 2 seconds of an hourglass but it will not open. My Task  Manager does not show Zoom as being present. I have followed videos that  I found on Google but they do not address this issue. I have checked the settings on Windows 10 for video, camera and audio. They are correct. I don't get any error message from Zoom. Please, can anyone help me? And Zoom on my laptop computer works fine. Thanks, Jim K 

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i have the exact same experience going on 2 desktop computers running win 10 ... i have to go to browser and then i have no video mine or others in meeting... meanwhile i have a 3rd computer working fine... what gives?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Some users have been having issues with Zoom v 5.16 on Windows Servers 2016/2019 and some Windows pc's running older AMD cpu's. Zoom is aware of the issue and plans to fix it in its next release 5.16.10 by the end of the month.


In the meantime, try using 5.15.11 from here as it should work for you until 5.16.10 comes out,