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virtual background still loading on Mac after updating zoom


I just updated my zoom software when it requested.  Now when I open a meeting it locks up and tells me that the virtual background is still loading.  


The only way I can run meetings now is without video.


Did anyone else have this when their did the latest zoom update on their Mac?



could you log onto your zoom account page and under settings, meetings, in meeting advanced, virtual backgrounds, and try uncheck virtual backgrounds. then try and start a meeting and see if your video appears. 

Just updated the Zoom app in my Mac M1 and to my surprise, it auto-blurred my video back ground even if the VIRTUAL BACKROUND settings is currently defaulted at "NONE". I'm using my Sony camera as my webcam and its lens produces more pleasing/natural blurry background than the app. How to remove the auto-blurr effect? I tried downloading the old versions to my M1 but the auto-blur is still there and I can't remove it.



Zoom was autoupdated on my Mac Pro and ever since then Iam unable to hold meetings with my video, which says Virtual Background is still loading


I'm running zoom 5.11.3 and the virtual background still loading issue is not going away.  I've tried disabling virtual background, logging out/in, re-enabling it, etc. and basically I cannot use virtual backgrounds anymore.  Please fix this!