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virtual background still loading on Mac after updating zoom


I just updated my zoom software when it requested.  Now when I open a meeting it locks up and tells me that the virtual background is still loading.  


The only way I can run meetings now is without video.


Did anyone else have this when their did the latest zoom update on their Mac?



could you log onto your zoom account page and under settings, meetings, in meeting advanced, virtual backgrounds, and try uncheck virtual backgrounds. then try and start a meeting and see if your video appears. 

Just updated the Zoom app in my Mac M1 and to my surprise, it auto-blurred my video back ground even if the VIRTUAL BACKROUND settings is currently defaulted at "NONE". I'm using my Sony camera as my webcam and its lens produces more pleasing/natural blurry background than the app. How to remove the auto-blurr effect? I tried downloading the old versions to my M1 but the auto-blur is still there and I can't remove it.


I am running zoom Version: 5.13.10 (16307) and am still having this problem.


Not ideal when I am due to interview someone who has made time for me.


Really not happy about this at all.


windows or Mac? have you tried force quitting Zoom then log onto and along the left side click settings in the search field type virtual background--> then flip the toggle to off. then reopen the zoom client and log back in and start a meeting. turn on video. 


Zoom was autoupdated on my Mac Pro and ever since then Iam unable to hold meetings with my video, which says Virtual Background is still loading

did you try what I replied above? 

have you tried force quitting Zoom then log onto and along the left side click settings in the search field type virtual background--> then flip the toggle to off. then reopen the zoom client and log back in and start a meeting. turn on video. 


I'm running zoom 5.11.3 and the virtual background still loading issue is not going away.  I've tried disabling virtual background, logging out/in, re-enabling it, etc. and basically I cannot use virtual backgrounds anymore.  Please fix this!


Has anyone found a resolution for this issue?


I have the same problem. Zoom update and now no Video at all. I am on a 100% Remote JOb and use zoom for all my clients, I am losing income on this.

I have tried every fix recommended

toggle off VIrtual Background,

turned off security wecam

quit, restarted

uninstalled installed


Is there any foolproof fix for this?

Just curious if you log out of zoom and then create a free account using a different email address. Then try and start a new meeting.  Now you won’t have your companies account settings. Do you have video now

if you have not already done so you should submit a support request with Zoom. What kind of computer are you using, operating system version. if it's a laptop are you using the built in web cam? On your company zoom account have you logged into with those credentials and clicked settings along the left side and gone into meeting settings, searched for virtual backgrounds to see how its set for your account. On company accounts the Admin for the account can disable some Zoom features. if the ability to change that setting is greyed out then you need to contact your company's IT dept. 

This community forum is a great resources for getting assistance with Zoom and all of its features. However we are Zoom users just like yourself, if you are not getting the results you are looking for please try Zoom support. and lastly have you tried a different external USB webcam to see if that resolves your video issue?


It worked! with an  external webcam, so what does that mean, I need my built-in camera long-term because the video is clearer.

so then it sounds like there is an issue with your computer and or its webcam. what kind of computer do you have? make/model/ operating system version. 

see attached screenshot for my computer specs

It was working fine with my computer webcam until I did a Zoom Update


I have a free account on the same computer and I just signed out of my company account and signed in to my free account same message  virtual background still loading. No video is working


My job is at risk. Please help


Create a zoom meeting first and turn on your video. Then click for the "Control Center" on the top right corner of your macbook then click the "VIDEO EFFECT" then UNTICK/UNCHECK the "PORTRAIT" mode



I am on a Imac not a Macbook and I cant find the control center

so not sure if you have an older Intel iMac or the newer M1 iMac but I have seen where Mac's will only allow one application from using the built in webcam. So if you use FaceTime or some other web conferencing software like Microsoft Teams, Skype, Chime, Google Hangouts, etc. it may still be using the camera. you can try exiting or force closing those apps using the web camera. 


if my last reply isn't the issue you can try some of these steps from Apple to resolve built in camera issues.



This happened to me after a reboot using a MAC. The video would not work. The problem was the camera was being used by FaceTime. Check if you have any other applications using the camera. That will lock out Zoom's access!


I have never used face time

 so that is not the issue

anything else to check?

1. Reboot.

2. Try to turn the camera off and back on in Zoom.

3. Check to see if any other programs are using your camera (that was my problem).

4. Try to turn off the virtual screen (as mentioned in this thread.