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Is Zoom trying to push out music teachers?


It's a serious questions relating to "original sound for musicians" setting. It's gotten progressively worse/more difficult for my students to access. First phone and tablet quality got much worse, and harder to get to in settings; now, with recent update, it requires multiple steps to access on desktop and laptops WITH EVERY NEW MEETING (go to sound settings, select "original sound for musicians, leave settings, click text original sound for musicians:off to on). While annoyed, I understood why the last step in the aforementioned process was necessary to avoid feedback issues for people using Zoom for multiple types of meetings. But this new update is kind of unexplainable...


To be clear, I am a paid subscriber of the service and it doesn't provide much of an inconvenience for me, BUT guiding my students through the process so that I can hear them well, all while the software changes, is the maddening part. Even when I share my screen through OBS to guide them, some just give up.


If someone from the development team wants to reach out to me to understand my pain points, and specific things that can be done to make music teachers/students experience much easier/better I'd be happy to help!


If Zoom wants us to leave the platform (or maybe they are going create a standalone musician, music teacher or studio software -- please?) it would be nice to know now and be ahead of the curve to help my students onto a new platform (which is scary, because who knows which start-ups might suddenly pull the plug on you?). Zoom has been go-to and accessible to all, so I hate to leave it, but, Zoom, can you let me know if it's time?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @paulsar80


 Please see this thread where we are talking about this topic. 




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Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?