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using zoom for youtube content videos


I've been using Zoom for doing YouTube videos. So far I've found the easiest way to share content on screen is to use the advanced screen/share part of a screen function, and to load up the images of articles, tweets, and videos onto PowerPoint slides in advance and then click through the them as I do the talk/discussion to camera (they're usually just me) - that way you can have everything appear in one fixed spaced on the screen and there's a separate box of myself up on the side. My question is:

- how can I change the background color? - it's only ever black and I can't see a way to change it.

- you can change the size of your own box but only at the start of each session's screen share: would be useful if it it could be fixed at a certain size in advance (as you can in fact do with the portion of screen box)

- I'm not sure if there's other software that works better for doing these videos on your own: maybe someone has advice..

thank you! 



Not sure about doing what your after in Zoom but you could try OBS (its free) to achieve. You can set a background image/color, set 2 PIP's, one of the camera and one of the Power point or set the images, screen shots etc as scenes and click through them,  you can change size/position of the PIP's throughout with the scenes too.  It will record locally and I think can go directly to you tube but you'll need to confirm. There is a lot of good tutorials on You Tube showing how to use it as well. 


Hi thanks for this. I attached two examples of YouTubers who seem to manage to use different backgrounds. 

You also see these guys bringing up videos or tweets, and as I said, the most efficient way I found to do that in Zoom is to load them all into Power Point slides and then show them via 'share content on screen', in a box size fixed in advance of starting the session. 

Where do I go in settings to set the PIPs?