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screen record on mobile device has no audio


i'm attempting to record the screen and the audio during a meeting on a mobile device.  I'm using the virtual background effect with green screen to show my logo.  Then tried to start a meeting and record myself thru screen record .  As soon as I started the meeting the audio gets squashed.  I can still seen video and the background, but no audio gets recorded.  I used many other apps to see how the speakers and microphone work and no problem,  When I start the screen record before opening the zoom app, the audio is clear and normal, once the meeting starts no audio, once I end the meeting the audio returns and is recorded as normal.  I have a basic account???




If the sound still does not play, it is possible that the mic was muted in the zoom app, the headset was muted, or the Zoom app had the wrong microphone selected. Perform an audio test before you start the next recording to ensure everything is working as intended.



Rachel Gomez