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"Unable to detect camera"


I have had to do a few appointments online via zoom recently.....I have audio but when I go to start the video I keep getting "Unable to detect camera" error message.  I have already contacted HP to see if its an issue with my laptop but it is not.  Help please!  Thank you!  😊


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello!  Windows has a camera app that can test and make sure your camera is visible to the operating system.  If you hit your start button and just type 'camera', it should be in the list.  Opening up this application should let you see the output of your camera and verify that it's working.   Does this show your built in camera?


Thanks! Rick

So when I go to the camera and open it..... the camera does work, however when I'm in a meeting and go to "start video" that is when I get this message. I'm uninstalling it off my laptop now but will reinstall it....I just don't have a way to check it unless in a meeting.

I also uninstalled and installed zoom again, but no change.

my camera works, I even recorded a video on it, but zoom is not detecting it



I am having the same problem. Every other resource detects my camera. I've updated the driver for the camera, un and reinstalled Zoom. It was working last night, but now, nothing.




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