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pixelated slides when screen sharing




i have an issue when i screen share powerpoint presentations. the first slide I show is fine, but after clicking on, the slides appear to get stuck and become patchy and pixelated. 


i have tried:

uninstalling and installing the zoom app

restarting my laptop

restarting my internet connection

sharing with the 'optimal view' clicked and unclicked in full screen and non-full screen mode.

happens when I am in my own meeting and when I am in others meetings.


nothing seems to help! any suggestions please? i have a Macbook Pro.


thank you in advance



This just started happening for me, too.  I've used presenter view with screen sharing many times before without an issue.  Were you able to find a fix? 

Hi! Yes I was! I went onto my settings in the app, share screen,  advanced settings and selected the screen capture mode and changed it back to “previous operating systems” and it did the trick 

Excellent!  Worked for me, too.  Thanks so much!