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multiple long meetings simultaneously


We are a very small school currently working with a pro. Sometimes we need to have 2 long meetings (90 minuets) at the same time hosted by 2 different teachers (different machines).
What is the best solution?



For a small school that needs to host two simultaneous long meetings (90 minutes each) with different teachers on different machines, here are a few solutions you can consider:

Zoom Paid Plans - Host Licensing:

If your school is using Zoom and is on a paid plan, you can consider purchasing additional host licenses. With each host license, you can have one host running a meeting at a time. So, if you need two meetings simultaneously, you will need two host licenses. This option allows you to have separate meetings hosted by different teachers on different machines simultaneously.
Zoom Breakout Rooms:

If you have a single host license, Zoom's breakout rooms feature might be suitable for your needs. The host can start one main meeting and divide the participants into separate breakout rooms, each led by a different teacher. The teachers can conduct their sessions independently within the breakout rooms, and the host can join and switch between rooms if needed.
Using Different Video Conferencing Platforms:

If having two meetings in Zoom simultaneously is not feasible due to licensing constraints, you can consider using other video conferencing platforms that offer free plans or allow more simultaneous meetings. For example, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco Webex offer various plans, some of which may have more generous allowances for simultaneous meetings.


Can upgrading from Pro to Business plan solve the matter and allow 2 long meetings simultaneously from different machines?