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interpreter device support - Zoom language interpretation environment


Can an interpreter provide service from an iPhone?  I have interpreted in many dozens of Zoom meetings *WITH* Zoom Interpretation support enabled.  I've also used workaround solutions to provide simultaneous interpretation *WITHOUT* said support.


My schedule requires that I occasionally provide services while away from my desk.  I know that as a PARTICIPANT, I am able to access interpretation (when available) from my iPhone.   I have never tried to do so as an INTERPRETER.   


I would test this myself, but have only a Pro account...   


If you KNOW the answer, kindly share.  If you wish to run an experiment to learn the answer empirically AND you have a business account or the webinar add on... let me know.  We'll find out and share the answer here. 




Note:  to Forum  (Zoom Community) organizers.  Language interpretation is a HUGE topic.  Is there dedicated "topic" ?  I didn't find one.  If "NO", I urge you to create one.   You're very likely to see activity grow at record rates. 


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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Check this chart that compares features by client type; 


The In-meeting controls (participants and hosts) may be of interest.




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Frank, pardon me for chuckling.  I just benefited from fifteen minutes studying that chart - then watching the latest official Zoom video about language interpretation.   The chart is certainly helpful.   There is nothing in the chart (nor video) to suggest that the Zoom Client to be used by the interpreter must be on a "laptop" device.  Indeed, both Android and iOS are listed as OK for interpreting - which is consistent with my experience using my iPhone as a "2nd device" (backup access to original audio + access to my "boothmate's" interpreting for better coordination).    The chart you suggest provides boosted conference.  The original question in which I saw you respond with a link to this chart has another valuable datum.  The user indicated her glitch with "audio upload" happened while she was using an iPhone.   If I take that at face value, then confirmation exists that an interpreter can provide full services from the iPhone.   ///   Many would claim that the issue is resolved.   I'm hoping to hear directly from an interpreter who has, indeed, provided complete services over an iPhone.    If I confirm that elsewhere (direct contact with colleagues) I'll share that info here. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Great.  I noticed that there is a notation (F) that states;


Note (F): If you joined a meeting with the web client or PWA, you can only listen to language interpretation, you cannot be an interpreter.




Yes: I saw this in a reply to a user who will be meeting with an audience that includes individuals located in Morocco.   Web-client only will NOT work - and it's very useful to emphasize this in the current thread.  I had previously been told  that I should not (as an interpreter) use a Chromebook.   The chart you share confirms this, indicating further that no support for language interpretation (presumably not even for "listening" purposes) is available under Chrome OS.    What a shame...


It seems not, per this Zoom article & Chat support Dec 2023 (hope your meeting went well!)

Note: Language interpretation cannot be initiated or managed when using the Zoom mobile app. Participants joining from the Zoom mobile app can only listen to interpretation audio channels and view interpreted text.”


Using Language Interpretation in your meeting or webinar

Users joining a meeting or webinar from an iPhone can only listen to interpretation audio channels and view interpreted text. They cannot initiate or manage language interpretation.