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iPad join zoom classroom


When I use iPad to join a meeting organized by an organization, they provides me a test link.

When I click that link via iPad, it launches my pre-installed Zoom APP.


But once I tab "Join" the classroom;


it launches zoom and prompts me the 1st dialog box saying "To hear others please join audio" with option "No Audio" or "Wifi" and;


RIGHT AFTER that 2nd dialog box so quick to prompt out overriding the 1st dialog box saying "Device Test Results" with Microphone & Speaker & Front Camera && Back Camera ALL Green Tick Circle that waiting me to tab Done.


Once I tab Done, BOTH dialog box gone without letting me to tab the 1st classroom "Wifi" option.


Hence, I fail to join that classroom.


Any advice?


Remark: I have tried another separate meeting created by my notebook zoom and when I join via iPad I can tab Wifi option. Can I default it as Wifi somehow? Or any other solution? 

Thanks a million for all response.


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hi @henrytang , welcome to Zoom Community! When the two dialog box disappeared, you can join the audio by click "Join Audio" button in the meeting control bar. (If you cannot see the bar, just tap the screen, and the bar will be shown).


Alternative way to join audio automatically, you can:

1. if you logged in your account, go to Zoom client "More" -> Meetings. In "Audio" section, you can find "Auto Connect Audio". You can select "Wifi" and mute your microphone. 

2. If you are not logged in, you can go to the Zoom setting on the left top corner. You can find the meeting audio settings.


Thanks Michael. That's really default the option and no more 1st prompt.

But so weird that the 2nd prompt still there that "Device Test Results" with Microphone & Speaker & Front Camera && Back Camera ALL Green Tick Circle that waiting me to tab Done. Afer I tap Done, classroom just gone and I return it back to the zoom main menu (with New Meeting, Join, Schedule, Share Screen). 

Do you have any idea? So poor I cannot share mp4 here. I ve got recording.


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

@henrytang yes. It just a test your video/audio meeting. When all your devices are okay, the meeting will be end. The formal meeting doesn't has the device test process, so please don't afraid your formal meeting.


hi Michael,

I hope so. But if I joined via notebook running Win10, it will stay in the meeting.

While I joined via iPad, after the testing, it just kind of "kicked me out" from meeting after the testing. So, I m just a bit worry on the real actual classroom day can I join that smoothly or that "kicked out" will still happen.


I am planning to use iPad just for meeting (Audio and Video) and I use my Win 10 notebook for practicing (with keyboard and mouse).