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Zoom virtual Background


Hi this is Ansh my zoom virtual background with green screen is not working properly actually I don't have any green screen but in google meet it applies correctly please make sure that even zoom virtual background should apply without a physical green screen please make it because we can't afford 500-1000 rupees to buy the green screen so make sure that virtual background should apply correctly and please send this to main developer who made this app


Ansh Chaugule

Please do the needful  


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Ansh 

To use the VB with green screen, you need to have at least a solid color background. It doesn't have to be green, but needs to be a consistent color and something that doesn't match your hair, complexion, or clothes, so that only the background is replaced with the image. 

It is possible to turn off the green screen option, but that is only if your device can handle VB without a green screen. 


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