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Zoom outlook add-in doesnt show up in 'new outlook'


hello. many people in our organization are having issues with the zoom add-in not properly showing up. some fixes are:

  1. restarting outlook
  2. switching from 'new outlook' back to 'classic', and back to 'new outlook' again
  3. uninstalling the app and re-installing

it's been a bit of a headache. is there a fix coming out for this at all?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@janzaldua Those are all great steps to take when the add-in isn't reflected properly in the end users Outlook desktop client. 

I would also verify that when the add-in doesn't show if it's available from the outlook web client. If so, then it's an issue with how the desktop Outlook client is receiving the add-in, if not then it's an issue as a whole with it being pushed from your add-in deployment. 

If there are issues with the add-in displaying, then the issue would lie on the Microsoft side of things. 

I would also make sure that the right steps are being followed to ensure the add-in is installed. 


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Hey there, thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention, this happens only for our MAC users. Is the add-in supposed to show up on webmail as well as the desktop client? Just wanted to verify that, as we are using O365.


I also found an article here:


Should we be clearing the cache for MAC, at this location 

  • /Users/{your_name_on_the_device}/Library/Containers/com.Microsoft.OsfWebHost/Data/

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@janzaldua In my experience it should be showing for webmail as well. 

That is another great article for potential issues, but it shouldn't be necessary to clear that cache every time. It should only be necessary if there are issues with it appearing on the ribbon. 
I would add this to your list of troubleshooting steps that you provided earlier, but it should not be necessary for each user to have this cleared. 

Yes, I think the main issue is that it will not appear on the ribbon. And if the add-in is enabled, but it is not appearing on the ribbon, is there somewhere else it can appear?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@janzaldua You'll want to check the ribbon from the calendar event popup after clicking to add an event as it should appear there when scheduling.

That's the thing, it doesn't appear there either. I assume the ribbon also included the "add an event" ribbon as well. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@janzaldua Here is an article from Microsoft on Add-in compatibility. For those users, you may want to check to make sure the client isn't configured to connect with POP3 or IMAP because add-ins aren't supported with those connection types on Outlook. 
"When configuring the client, the user must choose an ExchangeOffice, or account type. If the client is configured to connect with POP3 or IMAP, add-ins will not load."