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Zoom dropping immediately, across multiple devices and networks.


Hi There,


Just a quick preface to say that I work in Ed-Tech, have tried all the solutions posted online, and have still not resolved the issue. 


I have a family that uses Zoom for tutoring, and it immediately drops the call no matter what device/network they are connected to. We have tried windows/mac/android, hardwiring/Wifi, and have run into the same issue across the board.  The call drops, and the entire Zoom Windows closes randomly, usually within the first few minutes (or even seconds).  The instructor on the other end does not have this issue with any other students, just this one. This student also has issues with multiple other instructors meetings, when the rest of the class doesn't.


I've disabled screen share/audio/video, disabled hardware acceleration, basically any factor that could potentially affect the dropped calls. There is no specific action that causes the drop that I can tell, it can happen before even fully connecting. We 'joke' that the issue is with them personally, because we've seemingly tried changing each factor separately, to no avail. 


Does anyone have an idea of potential causes? I can't seem to find a common factor.



Just to check, are you on the latest zoom client? heard the ver 38.0 client got issues. But the latest patch should fix it.


Anyway, if you are, try this:


on settings > share screen > advance 


There is an option there to use TCP.


Have you tried that as an alternative?



Worse case, try reinstalling zoom from