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Zoom devs unable to edit the CPU requirements field for zoom features.


It's a major problem in the software that doesn't allow the devs to edit the CPU requirements checkbox.


If you buy an i5-4590 and an i3-10105, and install zoom on both, and then try to enable the '49 participants' checkbox, the system with the i5 will allow it, while the i3 system will not. Of course, as any competent zoom exec would of course know, the i3 is much more powerful than the i5, and especially in this case because both are quad-core, have the same amount of cache, and the i3 has hyperthreading.


Why did you devs build software that doesn't allow you to easily edit the CPU requirements field? Surely if it was, you'd have done it by now to reflect reality. 


**If you're somebody other than a zoom exec or dev and reading this and wondering, yes I'm sarcastically mocking them for their dumbfounding decision to gray out entire features simply because they're too scared or lazy to read a spec sheet. The first structural equivalent to the 4590, the i3-8100, came out Q4 of 2017. 20-friggin-17.  The Zoom devs have been ignoring reality for 4 friggin years.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @luchalibre, unfortunately at this time i3 processors aren't supported according to the prereqs in the KB Adjusting screen view settings during a virtual meeting, however, I'd encourage you to share your request for i3 compatibility with this feature to



Zoom Community Moderator

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