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Zoom client zoom-5.16.1_8561 is instable


Dear Sirs,

thank you for your your work for linux clients. The most recent version zoom-5.16.1_8561 has an impact
for a linux wayland desktop session, because i may crash all running applications that are using the X11 gateway.

The problem occurs, when somebody presents its desktop it this problem only occurs in the version 5.16.1


Maybe you start to think about to move to  googles electron platform, to run the desktop-client. It seems that you
put a lot of effort in the developemnt of your own JS framework, that show some technical improvement,

but the currently available version has still problems with the sound architecture.

Maybe  you save time, if you switch to googles electron, because it iis better intergrated into any of those altering linux distributions with their specific components. I remember similar problems with MS-Teams, that disappeard, when they switched to electorn.



I have the same issue here, zoom crash once the screen sharing starts, it's disappointing to see Zoom again releasing a broken version...
It's almost 2024, and dealing with Zoom on Linux has been quite chaotic. This is particularly disheartening given that we're paying for an Enterprise-level service 😕

I've been experiencing the same problem, a couple of crashes during a session with sharing screens.