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Zoom Plan question


As an administrative assistant I handle my boss's calendar. When I create a meeting I do it from my calendar but I add it to his calendar, for him to attend the meeting with the xx amount of people that needs to be there but it always cuts off at 40 minutes. My question is, do I have to upgrade my account [I have the basic] and he will be okay? does he has upgrade his account and he will be okay on those meetings? or both options are acceptable? or do we both have to upgrade?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Inquiry101.


I highly recommend upgrading your account to a Licensed account, then setting up Scheduling Privilege between your two accounts.  This will allow you to schedule meetings on his Zoom account directly.


Scheduling Privilege is normally used when there's an assistant or a colleague who will need to substitute-host often.  Note that Scheduling Privilege requires that both accounts be on the same account and both be Licensed (paid) accounts. 


See this Zoom Support article for more information:


Scheduling Privilege Additional Info:

Scheduling Privilege can be set up one-way or bidirectionally. Often an executive just needs an assistant to be able to schedule meetings and occasionally start them in the exec's absence, so the exec sets up Scheduling Privilege to allow the assistant to do so. If two colleagues (like teaching faculty) frequently stand in for one another, then both would assign Scheduling Privilege to the other. This can also work for more than two individuals.


Note that the person to whom Scheduling Privilege is assigned will have an additional drop-down to display either just their own meetings, just the other person's meeting, or all of them.

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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Yes, I recommend you should take the paid plan.

He can upgrade to the paid plan for having meetings of more than 40 minutes, you can have your own free Zoom account to join meetings, but as a member of his meetings, you do not need to be paid.

You could also integrate your calendar and email with the Zoom app, it makes for a much more efficient workflow.