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Why is the Zoom app listening on my microphone when not in a meeting?


I'm running MacOS Monterey. Several times in the last few weeks, I've noticed the orange dot indicating the microphone is being used by an app, and I click on the Control Center and see that Zoom is accessing the microphone. I'm not in a meeting and simply have the Zoom app open. Why would Zoom be accessing the microphone when I'm not in a meeting?



I am also facing same issue on my portal website notepad


Same issue here. Orange dot active and Control Center indicating that Zoom is accessing the microphone, but with no ongoing active call. Closing down Zoom app removes the orange dot indication. Why is Zoom listening in the background?


Just noticed the same this morning; they don't have a great track record with privacy, are you looking at another attempt to 'improve the user experience'?


Seeing the same thing here (Zoom starting to listen without any user input).


I've left an OBS window open without a recording running, and am seeing the orange dot, presumably as OBS is monitoring audio to be able to update its onscreen audio levels display. I wonder if Zoom is doing something similar.


Same issue here. This is major privacy breach and I am considering dropping Zoom and asking my IT department to replace Zoom with a more secure option.


Same issue has been happening to me for a few months. Randomly my music playback will get distorted and the only way to fix it is to quit zoom. I just updated to MacOS Monterey and now see the same orange dot indicator with zoom listed.


Huh. Looks like it's been fixed:


December 27, 2021 version 5.9.1 (3506)

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue regarding the microphone light indicator being triggered when not in a meeting on macOS Monterrey 

Well, that most recent update seems to have made no obvious difference. I've just noticed the orange dot again, and when I quit Zoom, told me that I'd apparently been on a 2 hour Zoom call.


At this point, it looks like it's safest to only run Zoom while on active calls and keep it quit otherwise.

The update didn't fix the issue for me. I've updated zoom, but I just experienced this issue again today.

Update didn't fix the issue for me either. Staring at the orange dot now while not on a zoom meeting. Very frustrating. Zoom, please stop spying on me.