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What about adding sign language translation capabilities for video conference (using AI)?




Is it possible to develop sign language translation capabilities (voice->sign language sign language->text)  and make more people to be able to participate in video meetings with people who doesn't know sign language using this artificial intelligence in future versions?


 What do you think?


Thank you


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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Sounds like a great idea @AlexK2023 - not sure where the technology for voice->AI-generated SL is at, but please let Zoom know this is something you're interested via a formal feature request. The more requests Zoom receives for a specific feature, the more likely they are to sink development time into it and the better chance you have of seeing it implemented in a future release.


As for the voice->SL->text workflow, voice can already be auto-captioned to text in Zoom, so it seems like the voice->SL piece is the only solve here (unless you're specifically interested in capturing the nuances of the signer's interpretation via text, which will ultimately be an interpretation of an interpretation).