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Video turns off automatically after a while



I have bee using Zoom for 10 months. For 2 or 3 weeks, at  Zoom meetings my video has been turning off automatically after a while.  I turn video on manually then after a short time it turns off automatically again. Earlier, no such problem with video happened.

Can anyone help me?

Windows 10, desktop computer, USB camera


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Csaba 


Does this happen after a consistent/predictable period of time, or just at random after a while?


Once your video goes off, are you able to re-start it again without re-starting or re-joining your meeting?


Are you up to date in Zoom?


Hi @Rupert thanks for the reply. To make it clear: My USB camera video turns off automatically after a while. I can see the others, they cannot see me. No problem with audio. When my camera video goes off, the  camera sign on the taskbar/tray of Zoom app is, of course, crossed.

Hi @Rupert thanks for the reply. To make it clear: My USB camera video turns off automatically after a while. I can see the others, they cannot see me. No problem with audio. When my camera video goes off, the  camera sign on the taskbar/tray of Zoom app is, of course, crossed and the camera video of myself in gallery view is black. By clicking the camera sign, the camera, of course, turns on for a  period of time, then goes off again. This has been happening for 2 or 3 weeks, earlier there was no problem with the camera. So for some reason,  during the meeting may camera repeatedly goes off despite manual turn-on. No change in camera settings.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Csaba 


Is your USB camera connected directly to your computer, or via a USB hub?


Is your Zoom fully up-to-date?


Does this happen in meetings you host, or meetings where you are a participant? 


Is your camera also acting as your microphone, or do you have a separate microphone?


My Zoom app was of 5.7.8 (1247) so a I updated to the version of 5.8.1 (1435).

My Camera is connected to my desktop computer via an USB cable. It has been happening for a bit less than a month, the first time I noticed the camera video goes-off was a meeting I initiated and hosted. Yesterday I attended a Zoom meeting as a partcipant, the same happened. My USB 2.0 camera has its own microphone.  In settings I can, of course, change which microphone is to be used (i.e. Webcamera microphone or line microphone that is a headset microphone). As a participant, I can join a meeting directly from my MS Edge Browser, so I wonder how the update  will change the behaviour of my USB Camera. Any way, I just checked my USB Camera under Windows 10 camera app. and no problem is indicated. So far, this camera video goes-off problem has arisen only under Zoom, I try to test how it goes with other app such as Google Meet or Messenger

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Csaba 


Thank you for your responses.


I have some other questions to help the troubleshoot process, if you don't mind?..


Have you experienced the problem since having updated to 5.8.1?


Within the last 2-3 weeks (since you have been having this problem) have you installed any new video conferencing apps - like Teams or Webex, or BlueJeans? Or is any such application running in the background on your computer. I'd suggest trying to be sure there is not some other application polling your camera in the background.


Does your camera camera turning off coincide with you speaking in Zoom, or Screen Sharing - or can it even happen while you are idle in Zoom?


Could the time after which your camera turns off match the time at which your computer might otherwise go to Screen Saver, or to power-save mode?


Could you try disabling Hardware Acceleration for Sending Video in your local Zoom Settings > Video > Advanced?


Are your Windows and Drive updates up-to-date?




Hi @Rupert 

Since I have been having this problem, no conference video app has been installed. Moreover, no application has been installed for the last 2-3 weeks, unless unintentionally.  My camera turning-off happens irrespectively whether I speak or just listen (I am idle) at the meeting.  I rarely share screens, so I have no experience about it. The time after which the camera goes off automatically is variable, ranging from  30 seconds to five-six minutes. As during the meeting (with participants  from 10-60) there is always sg. moving on the screen (change of speakers, chats, change of view etc), and I also move the mouse (e.g. to turn off an on michrophone), the computer never goes to sleeping mode or screen saver mode. My Windows update is alwasy on, I receive and install regularly updates. There might be some apps (e.g. VLC Media Player) where  need to update is indicated, but I don't think they have any effect on my USC camera. And that was the same 2-3 weeks ago, when camera during Zoom was ok. I haven't used Zoom yet since 5.8.1 update nor tried disabling hardware acceleration. As soon as I gain experience about them, I come back.

Hey, I've been experiencing the same issues; it important to not that it crashes all my cameras at the same time, an requires video to be turned back on and re-jiggered. Its seeming random and/or organic the way it happens. Which implied to me it was some sort of post processing. So I turned all of that off and even changed rendering engines inside Zoom's settings. Still happened. This workstation is a digital hub & audio workstation for a place of worship, and 5 days a week has 50 or 60 folks on Zoom tying in; so this has to be fixed. I'm leaning towards the oddball idea that it might be power related. The cambera is on an specially designed 75ft USB Cable with a applification circuit but the cable is drawing on the USB's 5V and Amps to re-inforce the signal it doesn't have its own power adapter. So I'm going to make sure next time I'm at the facility that its plugged directly into the PC and/or Powered Hub. I know the hub, on-site now isn't powered. So there could be a load issue there, that creates that weird organic/random vibe. At odd moments other devices are drawing too much power and the Camera crashes. Its odd that it takes down the native built in camer at the same time, I mean built into the PC, but perhaps its the nature of the crash and it melts down the entire Zoom Video Codec when it goes.


Solution was to shut down all software and then ctrl+alt+del to use Task Manager to shut down some other stuff I didn't recognize. This worked, but now I have to figure out what software I can uninstall that's eating up resources. Any suggestions?

Zoom tech support helped me find the issue... sent me a printout saying that my computer was bogged down.


Two days ago I used again Zoom as a partcipant and experienced the same despite the update to 5.8.1. I attach two video files to watch the camera turns-off. (Name of my camera mirror screen at the meeting is: Jurenka Csaba Bp. Dél-Buda). On Zoom meeting1.mp4 (link:

You can see 0:00:04 an aut. turn-off, while 0:00:08 manual turn-on an so on. Zoom meeting2.mp4 (link:

starts with off, 0:00:02 man. turn-on, 0:00:06 aut. off, 0:00:07 man. on, 0:00:18 aut. off, 0:00:23 man. on, and so on. This video a bit longer to observe that turn-on periods are variable ranging from couple of seconds to couple of minutes.

I might try to make a system restore to a point when Zoom was ok to see if the automatic turn-offs still occur, but updates will come agin.

Next week I try a Google Meet to see what's happening  and try to disable hardware acceleration.


Hi @Rupert 

A couple of days ago I had a Google Meet, I used my USB camera and there was no problem. So these camera shut-downs happen only under Zoom. I  might try to make a system restore before a new Zoom conference to see how my USB camera behaves.

Its a Zoom problem. I gave up on my camera, and rolling back drivers, re-installing, I did it all. To be clear I'm a IT Technician for 20 years, and it just wasn't worth my time. I pop'd  in a Logitech C920 and it worked fine, life's too short to be goof'n around all lthe time with this junk.

Interesting comment from someone with your background and experience.  I would be very interested to know exactly which model of webcam you upgraded from when you decided to go for a Logitech C920.  Currently, I am having the same issues described by many above and am using a Logitech C615.  Like other, and possibly you too, I have updated, reinstalled drivers, checked for competing programme resources, unchecked hardware acceleration in Zoom, etc. etc. All without success! 




Just with to add to this that my partner is having a similar issue with a Logitech BRIO. @Rupert I have tried your suggestions and a lot more. What happens is that the meeting starts and after a short time the camera shuts off. When the camera shuts off the white status LED on the Logitech BRIO also turns off.  Once re-enabled the camera stays on.

It's like something within the laptop is deactivating the camera.

I'm not sure what else I can try.  Every software component is kept up-to-date. Camera's firmware is up-to-date. Selective suspend on the USB ports when the laptop is on mains power is disabled in case Windows 10 is shutting down the USB port has not fixed the problem. I've re-enabled the Ultimate Performance power plan (usually found on a desktop installation and not a laptop) and that's not sorted out the camera, but has sorted out previous performance issues.

I've removed the Logitech Brio from the device manager and let Windows 10 reinstall several times.
Been in touch with Logitech. Nothing wrong with the BRIO web-cam.

Brio camera ONLY shuts down when during a Zoom meeting. Works fine on Google Meet, Skype and a few others.

I'm not using a USB hub.
Integral web-cam works fine.
Laptop is a Hewlett Packard 15-au072na.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @MyronSz 


I have found the Brio to be particularly sensitive to power and cable type. That can cause the camera to cut out, or shutdown


The Brio can be particularly power hungry when pushed at HD.


Are you using the original Logitech USB-A  to USB-C cable?


I have had problems using cheaper after-market cables with the Brio, especially ones of longer lengths.


Do you have a powered USB 3.0 hub or a different cable you could try?





Hello Rupert,

I have the same problem. Video and audio turn off after some minutes. I can still see and hear the other participants.

It happens only with Zoom, no problem with other applications.

When I am the host the problem does not exist, only when I am participant!

Windows 10, desktop computer, USB camera. 


I have been using zoom for years and just started having the same problem with a win 7 alien gaming laptop (Built in camera). My wife's leads church on it with me as co-host and this morning the video shut off 2x within 1 minute. Lately we have to restart video 3 to 4 times per 90 minute service... We hear ba-dunk sound when it disconnects. Real hassle because I can't turn on hosts video on co-host computer so she has to do it on host computer... but then focus changes and her powerpoint clicker doesn't work  : (



I wonder if zoom automatically disconnects if the laptop camera image doesn't change for 10 min or so?. Like when leading a meditation... Just like it ends the session after 30 second of audio Silence.


So I had this happen - and I think I figured it out - make sure other video apps like webex and especially MS Teams are shut down both as an application and exited in the tray icon area - that solved it for me - 



I am having a similar issue.


I am on Zoom and then the video turns off.  Last night I was on for about 30 minutes before the problem arose. The video automatically turned off. When I turned it on again it worked for about 3 seconds then off. That happened a few times.  Then as soon as I clicked on the video icon the video would flash on then off. Today I can't even  get the video to stay on for more that the flash.  

It happens whether I am participant or host.


I am using a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10. 

Zoom is up-to-date and the problem only started after the last Zoom update.


I have just started having this problem on a Macbook Air.  I've been having zoom meetings successfully for 3 years, almost daily. Then suddenly last week I started having camera problems - only on zoom.  Not google meet.  I tried on the app, which I re-installed, then i tried in browser - chrome and firefox - and I could not get the camera working.  It might start ok, then freezes, and then when I turn the camera off to turn on again, the button is frozen.  Mostly my video screen is black.


I'm having the same issues! After using Zoom for 3 years.....everything is up to date. 30 people in the class. Random camera shut down. 



The problem is that your computer is running out of resources.

The solution was to uninstall Spotify and "End Task" in Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del) for any applications or processes that are using CPU resources. 




Started happening to me too. Turns off 5 seconds or up to 30 mins later. Can't find the solution.


This was happened to me recently. During a serious meeting with client for medical supplies and video was turned off automatically. Can't find the solution. 

It's that computer running out of resources (try it on another computer to test). Staying off windows & get a Chromebook or using our Samsung phone fixed it.


In the end I never resolved the problem, drivers, resets, etc. etc. I just switch the camera out with a Logitech c920 and that was the end of the problem.

I have however, recently on the same system had weird video static, jumping images, on screen; that affected the camera feed and video playback connected with sharing. I followed a very recent support page by Zoom outlining how to do a "Clean Zoom" Unistall. with a special utility. It fixed my problems, as the name implies, it wiped every setting I ever set, but it did seem to work. Here's the link