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Unable to receive ZOOM verification code from email, afraid account may have been hacked


This question concerns my Toastmasters club account. Neither my president not I can log in to the account without the system asking for a 6-digit verification code (no one in our club set this up). My president's club email forwards to his gmail, which is working (tested) but not receiving the code. Frustrated with the circular bot "help", I called Sales last night and explained rather impatiently that neither my president nor I could log in, nor was my president receiving an email from "***********" with the 6-digit verification code. She (Christine) asked me if I knew the domain name that appeared to be associated with the account, "impatiently Domain Friends", "nttfriends", something like that - I said no. She said she would escalate my case and asked for my email as well as repeating the email of my club president so I would receive the case information; so far I have seen nothing in my email, and neither has my club president. 


Our club pays a monthly fee to use ZOOM but so far I am not impressed by the support system for our club. The chat bot goes in a circle - you can't get to an agent or human w/o verifying, but, when you can't get the verification code to log in it becomes a nightmare. 


Can anyone help my club, please? Privately, I can only provide the 10-digit PMI and my president's email address; we don't know our host key.


Thank you!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @LisaRaymondAZ and welcome to the community! Our one time password (OTP) feature helps keep your account secure. You can find one time password FAQs, troubleshooting tips, and how to deactivate it if you choose in our support article here. You did the right thing by contacting Zoom Support to assist with access to your account, as that is not something we can assist with in the community because information posted here is public. 

Virginia (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Hello Virginia
Zoom Community Team


I am not receiving verification code by email also  could you please help.





Hello, Virginia, thank you for validating my request to Support. Unfortunately, they haven't responded at all. The problem with the OTP is it still needs to be sent by email, and that's the bugaboo - apparently our account was set to an email that has zero to do with our Toastmasters Club! I know you're the moderator; can you please help me get Support's attention? My concern is the account may have been hacked, and with no email confirmation back from Support  to either myself or my club president, we have no way to access and retrieve our account.