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Troubleshooting Virtual Backgrounds on Xoom: Mac vs. Android


Hello everyone,

I recently encountered an interesting issue with Xoom, and I thought I'd reach out to the community for some guidance. Here's the situation: I've been trying to set up virtual backgrounds on Xoom, and I've noticed a peculiar difference in functionality between my Mac and my Android device.

On my Mac, I've had no trouble uploading and using virtual backgrounds for my video calls on Xoom. It's a fantastic feature that adds a touch of professionalism and creativity to my meetings. However, when I attempted to do the same on my Android device, I hit a roadblock. The option to upload a virtual background simply isn't available.

Now, I'm left wondering if this disparity in functionality might be due to my free user status on Xoom. Could it be that paid users have the benefit of using virtual backgrounds on Android, while free users are limited to the Mac platform?

If anyone has experienced a similar issue or has some insights into this matter, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. It's possible that there's a workaround or specific settings I need to adjust, and I'm eager to make the most of this feature on all my devices.

Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions you can provide. Your expertise will go a long way in helping me solve this Xoom mystery!