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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra - Sharing Tablet Screen with Zoom Desktop Client using Adroid Devie




I bought an S9 Ultra tablet from Samsung, and it seems i cant use the normal screen sharing from desktop client while having a meeting with workers. That normal share iPhone/iPad works only with iOS devices.


Since i have android device and all my devices such a phone, watch are android based, i bought an android tablet, which seemed right to do of-course.

But as i said, it seems there is no option to mirror android screen like iOS using wireless connection through wifi.


To fix the problem, what i did is, i logged in with the same account to the zoom app inside the new tablet, opened the meeting that is already running in my zoom desktop client.


It was terrible, to say the least!


Since its not mirroring, all i see is this big green rectangle that seems to not turn off while sharing the screen of the tablet as shown inside the zoom meeting of the zoom desktop client.

I don't understand why is it so difficult to enable android tablets to use mirroring using your pre-configured plugin that need to be installed before setup, like the iOS have?


What am i to do?


I paid so much money for the S9 Ultra yet i cant use it properly in your zoom software.

How am i to conduct zoom meetings using both PC and Tablet at the same time, without mirroring tablet like iPad does, using wireless connection?


Any help would be appreciated!



I have the same issue here, there is no share screen option during zoom session and this is very frustrating 


I resolved the problem,

You just need to simply login to zoom with your password and username from zoom app on the S9 se tablet first and then you will have screen sharing option during zoom session.


Thank you!! I have logged in before and it did not work, there must have been an update as I just tried it now and it worked great!
So, for those wondering what I did....
I logged into my zoom account via the website first (from my tablet), then logged into my zoom app afterwards (from the tablet). The screenshare option finally showed up. 

Now, I am curious... while testing the screenshare option I noticed my video disappeared..... is this just for ethetics or did my video literally turn off? I will have to do more testing with friends in a meeting to figure that part out as that is also a major negative for me as a  teacher as well.

But thank you for the suggestion as at least this part is fixed!



I am curious if you finished figuring this out?  I have never used Zoom before and have an upcoming meeting. I want to use my desktop for the large screen but do not have a microphone or webcamera. I installed Zoom on my SamsungS7 tablet also and was wondering how to use it for the microphone and camera but be able to see everthing clearly on the much larger desktop screen at the same time?