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Recording - No audio via Focusrite interface


Audio works fine in both test and recording mode when using my USB mic, but when I connect a mic via my Focusrite 212 3rd gen interface (usb C to A) it works fine in test mode but the recording has no audio.  I have latest version of Zoom (Windows 11) and had same results on two different PCs.  I tried recording via the Focusrite interface into Audacity, and the audio recorded fine, so it seems like it would be a setting somewhere in Zoom.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

Original sound = on

Automatically adjust mic level = off

echo cancellation = on

Recording o/p set to a folder on 😧 drive



Update - I reproduced the above issue with interface and failure to record audio, then with the exact same setup I joined a Zoom meeting that I was invited to, and that person could hear my audio - and could hear it on recorded playback as well.  So again confirming that there's something about the Zoom configuration on my PC that's preventing the recording of audio.  (I know it's an issue with recording not playback because other apps like windows media player have no sound when playing the .m4a file created by Zoom.)

Update again - contacted Microsoft support - I had to open Windows sound settings and set the interface to be my default recorder.  Apparently not a Zoom issue!