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Prohibiting Video from All Participants


The Zoom Meeting steps to "stop incoming video" seem like they are applicable only to stop me as a participant from seeing anyone else's video. I'm the host for all of our meetings and I'm being asked to stop everyone from coming into the meeting with video on so that no-one sees anyone's video. Is that possible?

So far, what I'm doing is stopping a participant's video once they are in a meeting and have their video on.

We want to stop all video from everyone so that no one sees anyone's video. Can we do that?

Obviously, it would be nice if we could train all of our users to enter our meetings with their video off, but we have a lot of older participants who don't seem to understand how to do that and usually show up with their video on and they don't even realize it. --Often with results that are embarrassing for all concerned.

(BTW, in case its relevant, our participants/users are not divided into "groups" and our users do not have organizational emails.)



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @zoomer_tor_196.


Take the following two actions:

  1. When scheduling a meeting, set Participant video to Off:
  2. Upon entering the meeting, uncheck Allow All Participants to Start Video on the Security menu:

Once this is done, nobody but Hosts and Co-Hosts can start their video.

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