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Possibility to create simple web apps




I have an issue in my daily operations at my workplace. Currently we are have more than 10 zoom account to gather around 10 divisions managed by us (IT Division), we are not shared the zoom account to the each user/division, because sometime in the 1 division, they have more than 2 concurrent meetings. That's why in the day to day operations, all the users need request the meeting link to IT division, our IT support person need to check the availaibility zoom accounts one by one to gather all the request meeting links. It's really impact to my IT support daily operation.


We have planned to create a simple web apps for the users, so they can create the meeting schedule and get the hostkey for recording by themself. It will be more efficient. So with total more than 20 concurrent meetings in a day, the user no need to request the meeting link to IT division anymore.

My Question, It is possible or not?


Thank you in advance, hope someone can answer or give other solution for my case.