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Outlook meetings appearing in Zoom without add in or integration


Hi, my desktop Outlook does not have the Zoom add in installed, nor is a Zoom integration configured for me or our company (I am the site admin). Nonetheless, incoming meeting invitations that I have accepted in Outlook are appearing in my Zoom desktop client. They do not appear in my Zoom account on the Web. I do not want these meetings appearing in my Zoom client.


I have confirmed that:

no Zoom add-in or plug in is installed in my desktop Outlook or computer

no O365 integration is active for my Zoom account or company-wide account (i.e. there is nothing under Others, Calendar and Contacts Integration)

Zoom is not listed in my O365 account as an app that has any permissions to my O365 account


Where else can I look? I do not want any link between my Outlook and Zoom. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @JSC3 because that meeting you accepted did not show up in the web portal was because you were not the host of the meeting. Within the Zoom Web Portal for upcoming meetings, this will list all hosted scheduled one-time and recurring meetings. 


Also, I believe that because the email address you use in Outlook is also the email address associated with your Zoom Account, this will automatically populate and update both the Zoom Client and your Outlook calendar. I have a gmail email hooked up to my outlook and that same gmail email is also associated with my Zoom account, as I don't believe there is a way around this, but open to suggestions if anyone else has the option to set this up? 



Hope this helps!



Zoom Community Moderator

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