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New Chromebook Setting Issue


I need some help.  I am a first time Chromebook user and have installed the zoom PWA as it seems my only option.  There seems to be no way for me to set meeting setting like mirror my image and have it saved for every meeting like it does on my phone and PC.  It also is not saving any of the meeting IDs I have used and so I am having to enter those IDs every single time.  It's a real pain.  Is there a solution?  Help is appreciated.





I have this same question.  

The PWA does not seem to work well compared to the basic web version.

And we are getting a notice that we are not going to be able to use the web version, yes?

Thank you.


Community Champion

Hi @emreptilefamily 

Unfortunately, the PWA does not have all the same capabilities as the full desktop Zoom app for Windows and macOS. The Zoom team is working diligently to bring many of those features to the PWA, but are limited by the PWA running in Chrome. 


@PastorT I've detailed a bit more of what is going on with the old ChromeOS app and its replacement, the ChromePWA, in this post here: Chrome PWA 
Feel free to tag me if you have any more questions about this. 


Thank you Bort.  Unfortunate is an understatement, but I do at least appreciate the response.