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Multiple Zoom clients for macOS now?


I often check Zoom versions and update our fleet (3000+) Mac. Yesterday, I see 5.10.1 so I grab it and scope it out via our MDM.


1. This morning I get a message in Zoom that I need the proper version for my device, an M1 Mac. Or something to that effect. I was on 5.10.1. But it downloads and installs something. In the end I still am on 5.10.1

2. I checked your redesigned download page and notice a separate link for M1 Macs. So that explains it. I scoped the Intel version, that's why my M1 wanted to update even though the version was correct. I rescoped my policy with the M1 version, not thinking it through.

2. By late morning, our helpdesk had received many complaints about Zoom not working. On Intel Macs the app was invalid. Fortunately, the previous version was still available in a Self Service portal and users could get it working by backing off the update.


So, why? If Zoom is universal, why can't it work for both architectures? Progress here is a step back. Unless I am missing something, we will have to now run two policies for each platform. Thoughts?