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Meeting "password incorrect" error message - cannot join meeting


I scheduled three recurring Zoom meetings using the same meeting link and password.  

A few participants expressed they received a "password incorrect" message when they try to log into the meeting.  Some were joining for the first time and received the "password incorrect" message, and some received the "password incorrect" message for subsequent meetings, after successfully logging into the previous meeting (using the identical password and meeting link).

After confirming they are using the correct password, I am told, in all the cases, after reentering the password multiple times a few, who did not give up, were finally able to join the meeting.   Please advise, how do we prevent this from occurring?  We don't want people to be discouraged and not participate


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @CMS2 how is the meeting scheduled from Are you generating a Meeting ID or using your Personal Meeting ID? Assuming the 'password incorrect', for some users just maybe user error if others and yourself are able to join.. maybe suggesting users to Update Zoom to the latest version, if available?

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