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Major Audio issues after November update


I have been using Zoom to hold daily lessons, and I use Blackmagic Atem Extreme ISO and Rode podcaster pro through. The Atem is viewed as an active camera, and I have had almost no issues for the past two years, regardless of updates. This time is different. Nothing on the hardware side has changed other than zoom was updated. Since then, when live lessons are done, sound effects from the podcaster are not clear and mostly not heard from the client side. When music is played, only the spoken voice is heard, and almost none of the music can be heard, which is freaky, to say the least. I understand that there have been several audio changes, including options for musicians, but no amount of tweaking has fixed the issue to the point where we are now considering having to change the delivery software. Our classes rely heavily on zoom, so I would like to fix this issue ASAP. 

 Here is a video showing the issues that are plaguing us. Both with the live zoom feed and its audio with the issues alongside the ISO recorded elements showing what it should be and what our teachers are hearing.

I have updated all drivers since the issue surfaced; just in case, I have uninstalled everything at least once, including all hardware and software used. But like I said, there are no issues other than zoom.  It sometimes works for like 2 minutes, then will have issues come up again and again.

 When not running through zoom, there are no issues at all, all the data is clear and perfectly usable.


 I have tried to downgrade to a previous version of Zoom but cannot find a way to do so through this site. We have been having these issues for about a week or so, and the quality of delivery is bad and a disservice to our clients who rely on this service. 

 If anyone else has the same issue, please let me know if there is a fix you have found; so far, I have found no solutions for this problem. This is getting hard to live with.



Thank you for posting the video.  I am having the same problems with all audio being "filtered out" and have also problem solved as much as possible.  It has to be the ZOOM update.  I am a music teacher, and when my students now play their piano or keyboard, I am not able to hear the sounds at all. They could play an entire page and the audio has completely turned off.  I have tried to problem solve if maybe the tripod containing camera and audio is too high in the zoom room.  We moved the tripod around containing the audio.  I have asked my students to check their audio settings.  We have switched audio connections from one device to another.  The audio issues are random and are not occurring in any pattern or order.  I don't know how to solve this problem.


I have been experiencing the same problems lately  in an online dance class The music and teacher's voice are audible for parts of the lesson and then the music cuts out. I have been doing this class since the beginning of the year and until recently the audio was fine. Neither my teacher or I have changed our setups. I would like to continue with the class next year and hope to hear a response about how to solve this issue. Thank you

I have done the backend and front end changes as well (as you showed on your youtube video) but it has not helped. We are still using the keyboard notes above middle C and the acoustic guitar and ukulele sounds from students. I hope they can fix this soon. 

*Still Losing the sound (not using) The page would not let me edit.


@solas4 and @ksmusic I am sorry to hear you too are having the same problems. I had these problems only since an update on or slightly before the 4th of Nov.


 The issue it seems for my problem was the audio settings in the back end in preferences. You need to select original music for musicians, then on the spotlighted or pinned screen, you need to select the widget "original music for musicians" and set it to on. so this is counter intuitive, as if it is selected on the backend it should be enabled in the front automatically. This option is not new but it something I have never touched previously until this month. But anyhow, this seems to fix my issue.


 This is not needed if you are not using another music source or sound source while you are doing you zoom meeting. It only affected us because we have music and sound effects play during our performances.


 If the "original music for musicians is not set to off, then zoom now seems to cancel any sound other than a spoken voice, thus giving us our troubles. So you need to change it from off to on on the front end as well as the back end.


 For your help I have made a long winded video showing what you need to select if this information is not clear. I made it last night around 1 am my time so I am sorry for the bad sound and long winded explanation. You just need the first minute or so to see the settings I adjusted which fixed my issues.. But I hope it helps.


Best of luck guys. Please reply if you found it useful or not.

BTW, I am not bagging on Zooms support staff, I have nothing but praise for their efforts though it does seem that even they were not aware of this issue or it's solution.


Kind Regards


Thank you so much for making the video for us.  I appreciate all the work you went through just to help us out.  It helped me to understand the backend and frontend of audio in the zoom settings.  I had researched the musician settings myself and thought there must be a "backend", and  talked to ZOOM support, but you explained it clearly, and I am now confident the 2 settings are set properly.   I hope your video will help others.  Sorry to hear you went through so much expense and time of checking your physical wires when it was a setting control.  It is always difficult when updates occur in any software as it can change and mess up settings in the program.  Thank you again.  It is greatly appreciated!


We are a community choir in Surrey, England, who use the system, and having this problem.

Thanks so much for the post we will try out and let you know if it fixes the problem.

Surprised the Zoom boys cant identify the problem.




Thanks a lot  @Grafixsuz for posting this. I will try this out with my dance teacher. It sounds like it will work - I had wondered whether the original sound option was part of the problem. I will let you know how things go.  Kind regards


I am having the same problem while using Zoom to teach guitar.

If I play guitar and speak, only the speaking comes through, Zoom filters out the guitar. 

I've been using Zoom Pro for almost 3 years and this problem just started a few months ago.

I have tried the Original Sound both front and back end but it doesn't clear up the problem.


Does anyone from Zoom read this page?

We have the ATEM Mini Pro, an external mic and one audio source.

The rig performs perfectly with OBS streaming to whatever platform (Youtube, FB...).

But will not with Zoom. There is a three second delay when stopping the music and trying to speak.

No DSP is activated (gates, compressors, limiters...)