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Internet Disconnection using Zoom


I've not seen a good answer to this problem and it doesn't seem to show as a topic option when searching this site.


Sometimes during Zoom meetings, the PC internet connection stops. This has happened with both wired ethernet LAN and WiFi connections. In the taskbar notification area, the network symbol shows the system to be connected still but all connected applications show they're no longer connected.

I have to disconnect and reconnect the wifi/network connection and then everything is fine.


The zoom application will most often shutdown but not always; sometimes it remains open and merely freezes all video panes.

Anyone have similar issues and sorted it?




If your Zoom connection is unstable, freezing, buffering and disconnecting will happen and you'll see a message pop up that says “Your Internet Connection  cps tester is Unstable.” The quality of the Internet connection is what makes or breaks Zoom meetings

If you're using WiFi, it might be that your device is too far away from the router or that your network is congested. On the other hand, if you're on a wired connection, there might be a problem with the network cable. Regardless, as Zoom officially states, poor internet connection results in latency issues.